Hanscom Composite Squadron

Civil Air Patrol - US Air Force Auxiliary

Transport Mission Pilot

The basic duties of a Civil Air Patrol Transport Mission Pilot include the safe movement of critical items or personnel from one place to another. Frequently these missions may include humanitarian concerns, such as transferring blood or human tissues when no other feasible transport method is available. CAP Transport Mission Pilots may also provide communications support, by operating an aircraft equipped with a radio repeater over a designated area to allow ground units to communicate with one another. Whatever the assignment, a CAP Transport Mission Pilot gets the job done safely and without undue delay.

CAP Transport Mission Pilot Qualifications

Candidates who wish to become a CAP Transport Pilot must meet all applicable criteria to become a Civil Air Patrol pilot, with the following exceptions:

  • Active CAP member at least 18 years of age
  • General Emergency Services Qualified 
  • Minimum 100 hours experience as pilot in command
  • minimum 50 hours cross-country experience