Hanscom Composite Squadron

Civil Air Patrol - US Air Force Auxiliary

5 July 2012,


Hanscom Composite Squadron member, C/2d Lt Jonathan D.T. Tuxbury received the Brigadier General Billy Mitchell Award #61299 from Squadron Commander, Major Stephen Hood CAP and Massachusetts Representative Thomas Conroy



The Mitchell Award is only given to cadets of the highest caliber who have demonstrated outstanding integrity, maturity, and leadership ability. 


To become eligible, cadets must pass comprehensive leadership and aerospace examinations and a physical fitness test in addition to other training requirements. 


Although it marks the halfway point of the CAP cadet program, the Mitchell is widely considered to be the most significant award as it marks the transition from Cadet NCO to Cadet Officer. 


It is the direct analogue to the Boy Scouts' Eagle Scout rank and the Girl Scouts' Gold Award. CAP cadets who earn the Mitchell become eligible for scholarships, special National Cadet Special Activities, and advanced grade upon enlistment in the United States Air Force. 


In addition to these tangible benefits, Mitchell Award recipients are given the responsibility and privilege of taking on a greater leadership role in the cadet program.