Hanscom Composite Squadron

Civil Air Patrol - US Air Force Auxiliary


A typical view for one of our air crew team members
You never know what you might see from the vantage point of a Hanscom Squadron aircraft!
An example of aerial photography Hanscom Squadron can supply on-demand
Wash day on the Ramp. Hanscom cadets keep cool by washing N658CP
One clean aircraft - mission ready and all set to go at a moment's notice. Hanscom squadron retains the ability to respond to emergency assistance calls at all times.
Our cadets don't only clean the aircraft - they fly them too! Cadets have the ability to participate in series of orientation flights (or "O" flights) in a powered aircraft as a part of their participation in the cadet program.
A common view for pilots at Hanscom Composite Squadron.... final approach into Hanscom Air Force base. Ahead is the 7000 ft of asphalt that is runway two niner.
A Hanscom team member lending a hand in ensuring operational readiness during one of the regular winter snow events.
It truly is a team effort to ensure Hanscom Squadron remains operational during all times of the year. Operating in the New England presents challenges at certain times of the year
Hanscom aircraft..... dug out and ready to go!
Gippsland GA-8 Airvan on the ramp at Hanscom Air Force base
Maj Stephen Hood accepts command of HCS from Mass Wing Commander, Col. William Meskill
Joint MAWG CAP, USGCA SAREX – Connecticut River
A CAP mission base located on the ramp administering photo-documentation during a training exercise
Hanscom Composite Squadron hosts a Massachusetts wing - wide advanced aerial photography class.
A Hanscom Squadron aircraft alongside a US Air Force Aircraft
A United States Marine Corps Unit along with the revolutionary Osprey visit Hanscom Composite Squadron.
Training at Hanscom Squadron