Hanscom Composite Squadron

Civil Air Patrol - US Air Force Auxiliary

Cadet Ribbons - Order of Precedence

  1. U.S. Military Decorations (Worn in order of precedence)
  2. Silver Medal of Valor
  3. Bronze Medal of Valor
  4. Distinguished Service Medal
  5. Exceptional Service Award
  6. Meritorious Service Award
  7. Commander’s Commendation Award
  8. Certificate of Recognition for Life Saving
  9. Unit Citation Award
  10. Spaatz Award
  11. Eaker Award
  12. Earhart Award
  13. Mitchell Award
  14. Armstrong Achievement
  15. Goddard Achievement
  16. Doolittle Achievement
  17. Lindbergh Achievement
  18. Rickenbacker Achievement
  19. Wright Brothers Award
  20. Mary Feik Achievement
  21. Arnold Achievement
  22. Curry Achievement
  23. Air Force Association Award to Unit Cadet of the Year
  24. Air Force Sergeants Association Award to Unit Cadet NCO of the Year
  25. VFW Award for Unit Cadet Officer of the Year
  26. VFW Award for Unit Cadet NCO of the year
  27. Red Service Ribbon
  28. Rescue “Find” Ribbon
  29. Search and Rescue Ribbon
  30. Disaster Relief Ribbon
  31. Community Service Ribbon
  32. IACE Ribbon
  33. National Drill Competition Ribbon
  34. National Color Guard Competition Ribbon
  35. Cadet Advisory Council Ribbon
  36. Cadet Special Activities Ribbon
  37. Encampment Ribbon
  38. Cadet Recruiter Ribbon
  39. JROTC/ROTC Ribbons (Worn ONLY while participating in an active JROTC/ROTC program. A maximum of 3 JROTC/ROTC ribbons may be worn)