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Cadets Guide to Drill

As part of their leadership education, cadets participate in drill and ceremonies. Drill is an excellent way to promote teamwork, build discipline, and develop an appreciation for Air Force traditions. Presented below are a few short videos which will aid cadets in revising their basic drill movements for quality and precision of movements when practicing drill

Basic Drill

How to form up a flight (Fall In)

  1. FALL IN
  2. Automatically executes Dress Right, DRESS.
  3. Adjusts position to achieve proper dress and cover.
  4. Automatically executes Ready, FRONT.
  5. Stands at position of attention.

Parade Rest

  1. Moves left foot such that heels are about 12-inches apart.
  2. Extends arms behind body & places right hand in palm of the left.
  3. Keeps head and eyes straight ahead; is immobile and silent.

Position of Attention

  1. Stands and shows good posture.
  2. Remains immobile and silent.

Left and Right Face

  1. Pivots 180-degress clockwise on ball and heel.
  2. Maintains upper body in position of attention.

About Face

  1. Pivots 180-degress clockwise on ball and heel.
  2. Maintains upper body in position of attention.

Present Arms

  1. Smartly raises right hand to head or headdress.
  2. Right hand is flat, with fingers fully extended.


Cadet Drill Guide.

Ever since the Air Force went to electronic-only publishing for their manuals, there have been no Drill & Ceremonies Manual available in hard copy format.

The good news is most of the time most cadets don't need the full manual, but they do need some kind of training aid.

The Cadet Drill Guide fits in your pocket and outlines the main rules governing the main drill movements.

The cadet drill guide was designed with cadet NCOs in mind.

Next time a C/TSgt is teaching some airmen how to close and extend for example, he or she can whip out the Cadet Drill Guide and double-check the standards.

The guide also includes info on what movements cadets need to know at each achievement.

The Cadet Drill Guide will print at 3x5" (index card size) and it is recommend that it is printed on the most durable paper your budget can afford.

Download the Cadet Drill Guide..

Cadet Drill Guide

Cadet Drill Tests.

Download the Cadet Drill Tests..

Cadet Drill Tests

Honor Guards

CAPP 52-8, CAP Unit Honor Guard Program  2.08mb
Air Force Flag Folding Script 2007 Update  15Kb

National Cadet Competition Teams

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